Monday, May 30, 2011

We haved moved!

We have been in the process of movings normasfindings to christian coupon clippers and the new site is officially up and running! I will continue to leave this blog going for occasional posting but they will be few and far between. I will leave the information that is already here for readers who may stumble upon this blog but I'm hoping they will also check us out at our new location! The printable coupon tab will remain so that all access these here. Our new site is

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Been away!

Sorry for not posting lately. Before starting this blog I had more time than I knew what to do with, but for the last few months things have been piling up on me. There has been more than I could write about but hopefully things should be getting back on track soon. There may be some changes going on in the near future and I will keep you informed on these changes if they come about. Continue to save your hard earned dollars and don't forget to look for those great findings when you are in the store. There are lots out there if you keep your eyes open for them.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

No more CVS Saturday Night Deals!

The CVS in Danville will no longer be doing both sales on Saturday nights anymore. The cashiers didn't even know of this policy change yet until after we had checked out and the prices were not ringing up right. Management said it is just too much trying to deal with 2 sales at the same time. I kind of don't mind I think it gives EVERYONE a chance to get in on the deals even the non-couponers.

Friday, May 6, 2011

EW James&Sons Weekly Findings

Here are just a couple of things that I found there tonight:

Totinos Pizza Rolls 5 for $5 or $1 each use $.40/2 from 4/17 SS (which doubles)=$1.20 or $.60 each
Peter Pan Peanut Butter 2/$3  use this $.50 printable here (doubles) making this $.50 each
to access this printable find any product that has the child hunger on it and input the code

New Forum Starting

I wanted to share with everyone a new forum that is just starting. Get in on this from the beginning and meet other couponers like yourself where you can discuss couponing, and where to find the best deals. This is also going to be a nice place to do some coupon swapping!! Looking forward to seeing you there!


TeenFreeway go "like" for free Shampoo


If you go "like" Teenfreeway the will send you a link via email on May 26th for a free shampoo.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What to do with all the stock pile!

I know there are some new couponers in my area and I thought I would share some thoughts on what to do with all of this STUFF.  We could eat from our pantry for weeks so we try to make sure to keep meat in the freezer and if there are no good sales we don't buy anything for that week. Always use your stuff from your stockpile instead of using the stuff from your most recent shopping trip. The better you can see your stock the more you will use it. If your memory is like mine you will have a hard time remembering everything you have. Try not to stuff things in places that you can't visual see very well. Sort through your stock pile often for expiration dates and donate things that you know you won't use before they expire. There are churches that would love to have your extra stock pile! The Salvation Army is another option to donate to, they help many families in need!! Never buy more of an item than you will use within one year unless you will definately be donating! All sales are either 3 months, 6 months or once a year and within one year you will learn the cycle so there is no need to have more than one years worth. Get creative with your meals and see what you can make only using your pantry sometimes. Some couponers like to do 30 day challenges sometimes where they only buy perishable items and use the pantry for everything else (remember meat can be froze so you should already have that too).  During those challenges I would still get my free items for the week just not spend any money.Stockpiles also make for excellent gift baskets for many occasions especially Christmas! Why pay top dollar for those gift baskets at Christmas when you can go pick out things from your stockpile and make your own and make it even bigger too. Samples also go nicely in gift baskets. Sometimes you can give your neighbor a gift basket for no reason. People will be more likely to save coupons for you if you reward them sometimes. Teachers, bus drivers and coaches are good people to share items with from your children to show appreciation for their services. During November and December is when you will really stock up on baking items and you can bake up goodies with your children to take to local police departments and fire stations to let them know how much they are appreciated for their services.Learning to coupon is a Blessing that God gave me and sharing the Blessing is important. There are many more ideas that you will learn as time goes by to use up your stock pile, those are some of my ways and I hope you might find some useful.

Kmart now has a sample center

CLICK HERE TO GO GET YOUR SAMPLES! now has a sample center where they have various samples for you to try. Remember many times when you request samples they may include great coupons with it.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Free bag of Boulder Chips at Kroger!

On One (1) 5 oz or Larger Bag of Boulder Canyon Potato Chips

Boulder Chips are part of the mega sale this week at Kroger making them $.99 go get your $1 off 1 coupon making this a penny money maker.

$.25 Relish at Kroger

If you were able to get any of the $.75/1 Vlasic blinkie coupons you can you them this week at Kroger where they are $10/10 this week and score some $.25 relish...not as good a deal as the $.04 deal a couple weeks ago but still makes for some cheap relish! There is also a $.55 printable that would make the relish $.45  CLICK HERE FOR THE $.45/1 VLASIC

$1.00 off one Homestyle MacNcheese

Save $1 on one package of any Kraft Homestyle Mac and Cheese dinner.
This is a great coupon to try out the new Alfredo flavor!!

CLICK HERE for your $1 off 1 coupon

Bounce Giveaway later in the week.!

Go HERE to "LIKE" Bounce

Bounce had a surprise giveaway today but don't worry if you missed this one because they are having another one later in the week! Be sure to go "like" them on facebook so you will be notified during the giveaway!

Sunday, May 1, 2011



Here is the list of coupons you can find from Nestle if you go "like" them on Facebook

$1/1 Ovaltine Product
$0.55/1 Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough
$1/2 Wonka Bags or Nestle Butterfinger, Nestle Crunch or Nestle Baby Ruth Fun size or miniatures$1.25/1 any one Nestle Nesquik Powder (love this one!)
$1/2 packages of Nestle Toll House Morsels (10 oz or larger)
$1/1 Stouffer’s Family, Large Family, Party Size or Skillet entree (23oz-96oz) any variety
$0.50/1 Nestle Juicy Juice Product
$1/1 Ovaltine Product
$0.55/1 Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough
$1/2 Wonka Bags or Nestle Butterfinger, Nestle Crunch or Nestle Baby Ruth Fun size or miniatures
$1/1 Carnation Breakfast Essentials
$2/1 Boost Kids Essentials Nutritionally Complete Drink Multi pack
$1/2 Nestle Pure Life Purified Water Multi Packs (20 pack or larger

Our Quick Kroger Trip (saved $126)

We normally don't go to Kroger on Sunday, but we had to go to town and thought we would make a quick trip while we were there. No preplanning before this trip and still ended up with a cart full! LOL

Total was $172.49
paid  $46.36   (and $10 of that was pepsi that we shouldn't need anyway LOL)

One tip for this week: there are some Kraft BBQ sauce that is part of the mega sale that has peelies on them for $2 off containers of KoolAid if you buy 2 BBQ and the KoolAid is on sale this week for $2 so it is a GREAT freebie!!! (The Danville store is out of the ones with peelies...I didn't clear the shelf but I did share the deal with others in the store so they went QUICK) hope you find some at your store!

Book It program for homeschoolers!

BOOK IT! Homepage

BookIt offers homeschoolers the same opportunity for homeschoolers that they do for public school systems! I used this last year and it is a great resource to use to get your children reading more and it is FREE! This program is offered to K-6 grade and they are having open enrollment now through September 1st.

Free IceCream at Kroger!

Free Magnum® Ice Cream 3-pack
Click Here

Kroger has a digital coupon for a free Magnum Ice Cream 3 pack (up to $4.50)
Sounds like a yummy treat to me!!

Free Breathe Right @ RiteAid

Here is your coupon!

This is a one per person coupon. It is being reported with overage! Great coupon to use with the $3/$15 coupon!

$.99 Revlon Foundation at RiteAid

Ok Ladies pull out those binders and look thru your makeup coupons for the $2.00 off one Revlon face product to use at RiteAid this week and score some foundation for $.99!!!

This is the deal
most are $13.99 and on sale for
$9.99- $5 +up reward-$2.00 Single check rebate- $2.00 coupon =$.99
($13 savings) there is a limit of 1 per house hold

Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Ecoupon site that includes many stores!

A new digital coupon saving site where you can add ecoupons to many different cards. Type in your zipcode to see what stores near you are participating. The ones near me are Kroger, Cvs, RiteAid, and FoodLion!

Saving Star Link!

Don't forget to print your coupons!

Remember that the coupons reset at the first of the month so go print any you are wanting now and they will reset in a few days and you can print some more!!

Coupon link!

Central Ohio Kroger Triple Q Event!

If you are in the Central Ohio area you should check with your Kroger to see if they are participating in the Triple Coupon event! At participating store they will triple up to 3 "like" coupons up to $.50..making a $.50 coupon worth $1.50!!!! This event will last 4/28-5/1. I'm not in that area but, wishing you all Good Luck!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Downy samples (TOMORROW)

Tomorrow at noon ET Downy will be giving away free samples to the first 5400 fans who request one! This will go within minutes so don't wait! Good Luck!

Downy's Facebook link

Free Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich!

Get a coupon for a Free Roast Beef Sandwich for signing up for their extra's!
The coupon will come in your email.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nice Freebie at Food Lion

when you buy TWO (2) BUTTERFINGER® Snackerz (Available at Kroger)

Food Lion has Butterfinger Snackerz on sale B1G1 Free thru tuesday. They ring up for $.49 each so use the $1/2 coupon and makes these a penny each money maker. Coupon states (available at Kroger) but this is a manufacture coupon that can be used any where!

$1/2 Butterfinger Snackerz ( should be on page 1 )

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Relish $.04 at FoodLion

Food Lion

Vlasic relish is on sale at Food Lion this week B1G1 free at $1.59 making them $.79 each!
At two of my Food Lion's there were blinkie machines with $.75 off one making them $.04 each after coupon!

Friday, April 8, 2011

This Weekends Coupon Preview

Smartsource coupon insert
A.1. $1/1 bottle steak sauce or marinde 10oz or larger (5/8)
Air Wick FREE warmer unit wyb your favorite air wick scented oil refill fragrance (5/22)
Air Wick $1/1 scented oil twin refill pack or (2) single refills (5/22)
Air Wick $2/1 freshmatic compact odor detect starter kit (5/22)
Bob Evans $1/2 sausage items (5/22)
Bob Evans $1/2 refrigerated sides (5/22)
Breakstones $1/2 sour cream 16oz or larger (5/31)
Cheerios $1/2 boxes of Frosted, Apple Cinnamon, Banana Nut, Fruity, Chocolate, Oat Cluster Crunch, Yogurt Burst, or Cinnamon Burst (5/21)
Chex Cereals $0.50/1 box of Rice, Corn, Wheat, Honey Nut, Chocolate, Multi-bran or Cinnamon (5/21)
Chex Mix Treats, Golden Grahams Treats or Milk ‘n cereal bars $0.50/1 box (6/4)
Garnier Nutrisse shade or Multi-Light kit $2.00/1 (7/10)
Garnier Moisturizer $1/1 (7/10)
Garner Brusher 2x cleanser $1/1 (7/10)
Jergens $3/2 natural glow daily moisturizers (5/21)
Jergens $1/1 natural glow daily moisturizers (5/21)
Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip Dressing $0.75/1 22oz or larger (5/8)
Kraft Dressing $1/2 24oz bottles (5/8)
Kraft Dressing $1/2 14 or 16 oz bottles (5/8)
Kraft Dressing $1/3 8oz bottles (5/8)
Oscar Mayer $1/1 selects hot dogs (6/5)
Phillips Sonicare $15/1 flexcare+ or flexcare rechargeable toothbrush (7/31)
Phillips Sonicare $10/1 rechargeable toothbrush (excludes xtreme battery) (7/31)
Phillips Sonicare $5/1 multi-pack brush heads or xtreme battery toothbrush (7/31)
Reddi-wip $0.35/1 (5/22)
Resolve $0.50/1 laundry pre-treat product (5/22)
Resolve $1/1 in-wash stain remover (5/22)
Scotch Fur Fighter $1.50/1 hair remover for upholstery starter kit or refill pack (5/31)
Seattle’s Best Coffee $1/1 12oz bag (6/10)

RedPlum Coupon Insert
ALL $1.50/1 any free clear oxi-active laundry detergent (5/22)
ALL $1/1 any laundry detergent (5/22)
Covergirl $2/1 any lipperfection product (5/31)
Fixodent B1G1 FREE any denture cleanser (5/31)
Folgers $1/1 any coffee, 3oz or larger (5/14)
Folgers $1/1 any bag gourmet selections coffee (5/14)
Hefty $0.55/1 any waste bags (6/30)
Hefty $1/2 any packages (7/31)
Keebler $0.50/2 any packages or ready crust pie crusts any flavor, size, mix or match (6/5)
Kellogg’s $1.50/3 any packages of corn pops, apple jacks, froot loops, honey smacks, frosted mini-wheats little bites, cinnamon and/or kellogg’s frosted flakes cereals 10oz or larger, any flavor, mix or match (5/22)
Mach3 Buy (1) disposable, sensor3, customplus3, good news, or custom plus and get (1) FREE of equal or lesser value up to $7.13 (5/31)
Mars $1/2 any Easter products (MANY listed, including singles) (4/24)
Michael Angelo’s $1/1 any entree 20oz or more (6/30)
Michael Angelo’s $0.50/1 any 8oz-16oz entree (6/30)
Rhodes $1/1 any package of cinnamon rolls or orange rolls (7/31)
Rhodes $1/1 any package of warm-n-serv rolls (7/31)
Rhodes $1/1 any package traditional bread or rolls (7/31)
Sprayway $1/1 any product (9/30)
Snuggle $0.75/1 any fabric softener liquid or dryer sheets (5/22)
Starburst or Life Savers jellybeans $1/2 any bags or 13oz or greater (5/15)

StarKist Pouch Coupon


If you go "like" StarKist Here for $.50 off 1 pouch you will  be able to score some very cheap tuna!
Remember that Kroger doubles up to $.50 so this would be $1/1 after it doubles.

Coupon Policy for Kroger!

In one of my early posts I stated that there were no printable coupon policy for Kroger at that time since then I have received an email by request of the policy for the MidAtlantic area. This is what was stated:

Our coupon policy varies by division. The policy for stores in your area is as follows. Please note that this policy is our most current; however it is subject to change without notice.

The store manager has the right to accept, decline or limit the quantity of coupons or items used or purchased in a single transaction, by a single customer, or in a single day.

Double Coupons:

  • Manufacturer coupons of $0.50 or less will be “doubled”.

Ø Never double or triple coupons that are for tobacco items because it is illegal

  • Manufacturer coupons over $0.51 will be redeemed at face value.

Ø This does not apply to “free,” Kroger, Retail Food Store coupons, electronic coupons on the Kroger Plus card, or items prohibited by law.

  • Do not double or triple Kroger Division Coupons

Pharmacy Coupons:

  • Competitor pharmacy coupons are accepted.

  • LCM or Competitor Coupons may not be used in conjunction with our $4 Generic Program.

General Coupon Policy:

  • Limit one (1) manufacturer coupon per item purchased.

  • Limit one (1) store coupon per item purchased.

  • One (1) manufacturer and one (1) store coupon can be used on the same item.

  • Coupons cannot be used on “free” items.

  • Expired coupons are not accepted.

  • Amount refunded cannot exceed the cost of the item.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some Coupon Etiquette!

Due to the all the hype with the new "Extreme Couponers" show that aired last night, I wanted to share some Coupon Etiquette that I have learned through the years of couponing. Other than the # 1 rule the rest can be in any order, but I will list them in numbers.

#1 most important rule is:  DO NOT CLEAR THE SHELVES!! Other couponers and customers are also wanting to take advantage of the sales! Respect your fellow couponers so they will in return respect you!

#2 Be ready when you reach the cashier. Have your coupons in hand and not digging around for them! It not only helps the cashier and other customers in line but it also helps you by having the opportunity to watch the items as they ring up so there isn't a mistake!

#3 Be respectful to your cashier! If they tell you that you can't use a coupon it is ok to ask why but PLEASE do it nicely! Try to keep a store policy with you so you can give them a chance to read it for themself so they can correct their mistake and don't have the "I told you so attitude" they are for the most part only trying to do their job right so try to respect them for that! Remember the old saying "you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar"

#4 Be respectful and friendly to other couponers in the store with you! Remember this is not a competition or a hobby, it is a way of survival for many of us in this declining economy. Also be an encourager to new couponers and help lead the way, remember we were all new at this at some point!

#5 Stay up to date on your store policies!! It helps you not make a mistake if a policy changes but also helps you if the store tries to tell you it is against their policy when you know its not! This has helped me before!!!!

#6 Be respectful of other customers in the store. One example if you think your transaction will take a few extra minutes because of your coupons then kindly let the person behind you know so they have the option to go to another check out line. Some people don't use coupons because they don't won't to take the time to do it so most of those same people don't want to take the time to stand behind you while "you" use them.

#7 DON'T take ALL the tearpads you find in a store. Remember the rule of respecting fellow couponers!

#8 DON'T  take all the 'peelies' off all the packages if you don't plan on buying that product at that time. I myself have taken a peelie or two but taking more than that is really bad etiquette!

#9 Always use your coupons as it states! Using a coupon in any other way than it states is a fraud and it does come back to you. It not only hurts your future coupon use but also your fellow couponers by causing the stores to have stricter coupon policies and manufacturers will not send out the best coupons!

#10 Don't let couponing overtake your life and take the most precious thing away from your family which is "YOUR TIME"  with them!   

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$2/1 Morning Burst Clean and Clear

Go HERE for your $2/1 Coupon   on Morning Burst Clean and Clear face wash!

Another good Walmart deal

Any One (1) Combat® product

Combat ant traps are $2.47 at Walmart and with the $2/1 makes them $.47 each for a 5ct.
I found the coupon on page 4 but if it's not there for you try clicking on "household" on the left
and keep scanning through the pages until you find it.
HERE is the link to your coupon!

$.18 NYC Nail Polish @ Walmart

Here is one for all my Walmart shoppers who love beauty products!
NYC nail polish is $.93 use $1.50/2 Coupon Here  and score to NYC nail polish
for $.36 or $.18 each!

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day

Ben & Jerry's

Click here to see the closest Ben & Jerry's near you!

April 12 is free cone day for Ben & Jerry's! yummy sounds good! Unfortunately there are none near me
:( but hopefully someone out there will be lucky enough to take advantage of this!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some Coupon Abbreviations you may find useful!

B1G1 or BOGO – Buy One Get One Free
B2G1 - Buy TWO Get One Free
Blinkie- SmartSource machine with a red blinking light on it. Coupons are thus referred to as ‘ Blinkies’
CAT – Coupon that prints from a Catalina machine at the register.
DND – Do Not Double
EA - each 
ECB- Extra Care Bucks at CVS (prints on bottom of receipt to use on next order)
EX  – Expires on
FLIP - Food Lion Internet Printable 
HBA – Health & Beauty Section in the store
INSERTS – Coupon booklets found in the Sunday paper
IP – Internet Printable coupon 
MFR – Manufacturer
MIR – Mail In Rebate
MQ – Manufacturer coupon
OOP – Out Of Pocket
OYNO -On Your Next Order
P&G – Proctor & Gamble (Sunday Booklet Coupons) Comes out once a month.
Peelie – Coupon found attached to a product.Q – Coupon
RP- Red Plum (Sunday Booklet Coupons) (formerly Valassis)
RR- Register Reward from Walgreens – use as a $ off coupon on your next purchase
SS – Smart Source (Sunday Booklet Coupons)
STACKING – example You use a store coupon with a Manufacture coupon on 1 item
TEARPAD – A pad of forms/coupons found hanging from a store shelf or display
+UP -  Rite Aid up rewards(prints at bottom of receipt and use on next purchase)
WUC – We Use Coupons (refers to the site)
WUCkie – Member of WUC
YMMV- Your miles may vary (some people may report stores doing something that others may not)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kelloggs coupons

I received Kelloggs coupons in my email today and you can too in the future if you "click here" and sign up for their newsletters. If you don't want to sign up for their email you can still follow the link and make sure you are on the promtion/coupon tab and click on view and print coupons when it scrolls by.

Free 2 week trial of The Factor Tree

As you know I am a Buzzagent and I am participating in a campaign trying out a Math Program with "the factor tree". I started the campaign today and we were having major issues with it at first. My daughter clicked on the help button and was able to Live Chat with customer support. The problem she was having was when she answered a question on the worksheet and clicked on submit, it wouldn't move forward to the next question. The person from customer support was very polite and appropriate with her ( I was watching over her shoulder) and they discovered that the problem was her browser was internet explorer 9.  She told them she had a laptop with IE8 and she could use that and they told her "great and to let her parents know that they were giving us an extra 2 weeks in our trial period". How great was that!! They told her she found a bug in the system and that they were very sorry of the trouble and they will email her parents when the problem has been resolved.  After she started using the laptop it worked great and so far seems to be a great program that I may consider purchasing after the trial period is over!  If you are a homeschool parent who may be considering next years curriculum or even a parent of a child who attends school I strongly recommend that you try this program. I have a promotion code that you can use for a free 2 week trial, don't worry I am supposed to share the code with all my friends!

BZF is the promotion code that you use for your free trial!

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner

I am a Buzzagent and I get free products to try and share my opinion with them. I recently received Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner and wanted to share with my readers what I thought. I was very skeptical of this particular product, but I gave it a try and fell in love with it! I stuck it to the side of the toilet just like the directions said and gave it a flush and walked away. I had to go to town so I was gone for a couple of hours and actually had forgot about it until I opened the bathroom door and smelled the fresh, clean smell in there. My husband was also very impressed. He didn't know I had tried something new until the first time he walked out of the bathroom and asked me what I had used in there. I think it is safe to say that I will continue to use this product even after the campaign is over. If you haven't tried this product yet I hope you will go and try it and let me know what you think of it. I'm not sure "yet" how to post coupons on my blog, but you can go to my personal facebook and print one from one of my post there.

Food Lion reminder

JUST a reminder:

Today is the last day to rack up on Food Lion brands! Hurry and go get stocked up on veggies and many other things of their brand!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cover Girl 50th anniversary party!


Go be a part of Covergirl 50th anniversary party!
Join to win great free products and take part in surveys to help determine future products!
There's nothing like Covergirl makes you feel like million bucks!

Tide Free samples

Here is the link to Tide's Facebook!
At 9:00 tonight they will be giving away 100,000 samples! They will go very fast!! Within minutes they will be gone. Hope you get one!

Quiznos coupon

Get your coupon for a small sub for $2.99  sounds good to me right now! If you upgrade while your there you can get a free cookie too! YUM

Friday, March 25, 2011

6 Swagbucks on twitter!

Swag Bucks

Swagbucks just released a code on the swagstore twitter feed woth 6 bucks!

It's well worth it to join I receive many rewards a month including $5 amazon gift cards!

Butterfinger Snackerz

when you buy TWO (2) BUTTERFINGER® Snackerz (Available at Kroger)

Go here for $1 off 2 Butterfinger snackerz  this has kroger on it but can be used anywhere! It is just an advertisement for Kroger letting you know that they carry this product. I tried these not long ago and found them at Rite Aid and they are very delicious. The regular Butterfinger candy bars are a little too hard for my teeth but the snackerz were just right!! I found the coupon on PAGE 3

Food Lion

Food Lion

Food Lion can vegetables are 5 for $3.00 and they are also running a promotion where if you buy their brand name you get catatina back depending on number of items bought.
Buy 4 get $1.00
Buy 8 get $2.00
Buy 12 get $3.00
and so on up to 40 items gets you $10.00 back

I stocked up on can vegetables with this deal.
ex.  Buy 40 cans of veggies and pay $24 and receive a $10 catalina
its like paying $14 for 40 can veggies!!! wow what a deal we stocked
up enough veggies for the next year and all have very long expiration dates.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coupon for a free Suave professionals

Go "like" Suave  and receive a coupon by mail in 6 to 8 eights for a Suave professionals product! Hurry this is only available to first 2000,000! I went at 1:00 EST and it was still available.

Folgers Coffee coupons

For all you coffee drinkers out there- Go "like" Folgers facebook page  they have just informed us today that they will be releasing a limited amount of coupons sometime next week to their facebook fans. These won't last long so be sure to keep your eyes open for this one!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I just wanted to take a minute to share with you a site that I really enjoy. Vocalpoint offers many different samples very often. They often send high dollar coupons out for you to use to try different products for free or close to free with additional coupons for you to hand out to your friends. One sample that they have right now is a cereal sample that I just signed up for and wanted to share with my readers.
to VOCALPOINT HERE to get your sample or to sign up with them so you can get your samples.

$1 off of Pledge Lemon Clean Pledge

I recently joined a campaign with Buzz Agent and received the pleasant scented pledge in my kit. Since we have moved I have been cleaning alot and the pledge not only cleaned the surfaces but also left the rooms smelling nice and fresh. With Spring in the air it is a good time to start doing that Spring cleaning that we all have been waiting for.... get your $1.00 off one can HERE!
Let me know what you think of it after you have tried it!

Monday, March 21, 2011

$2 Oscar meyer coupon

Oscar Mayer
$2 Oscar Meyer Coupon when you go like them on facebook. This is a limited offer so don't miss out on this deal!

The big move is here!

We are now in our "new to us" house! There is still alot of work to be done here, but we are in. I will be trying to post some deals throughout the week and hope to be in full force next week. We had the internet turned on this morning and so for it is working 1000 times better than what I had at the other house so hopefully I won't get as frustrated with it !! :-) Please bare with me for a few more days...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kroger "Daytona 500 Mega Deal" Trip

2  Breyers Ice Cream (half gallon)                           2.99
      $1/2                                                    -1.00
2  Kroger Popsicle (10/$10)                                     2.00
1  Kroger French Fries                                             1.97
2  Banquet Frozen Chicken (3.99 x2)                      7.98
      $.50 (double) MQ (x2)                      -1.00
1  Kroger Orange Juice                                            3.89
2  Hot Pockets (1.99 x 2)                                         3.98
      $.75/2 MQ                                         -.75
4  Banquet Frozen Pies (.79 x 4)                             3.16
      .40/2 (double) MQ (x2)                     -1.60
      but three Banquet pies get one free   - .79
1  Gilette Fusion Pro-Glide Razor                          9.89
      4.00 e-coupon                                   -4.00
      4.00 MQ                                           -4.00
3  Gilette Body Wash (closeout 2.50 x 3)              7.50
      2.00 e-coupon                                   -2.00
      2.00 MQ (x 3)                                   -6.00
1 Tide Stain Release                                              5.99
     3.00 e-coupon                                    -3.00
     3.00 MQ                                            -3.00
2  Package fresh hamburger (2.71 & 2.73)           5.74
1  Wesson Vegetable Oil                                      2.99
1  Kroger Hamburger Buns                                    .88
1  Hot Dog Buns                                                   1.00
2  Oscar Meyer Bologna (10/$10)                        2.00
4  Little Debbie Snacks  (10/$10)                         4.00
2  Kellog's Pop Tarts (2.69 x 2)                            5.38
      $1/2 MQ                                           -1.00
1  Kool Aid Drink miix                                        1.99
1  Kroger Bread (manager's special)                      .49
14 Totino's Pizza Roll's (1.25 x 14)                    17.50
       .40/2 e-coupon (x 2)                        - .80
       .40/2 double MQ (x7)                     -5.60
16 Banquet Microwave meals                            14.08
8  Totino's Frozen Pizza  (1.25 x 8)                   10.00
      .75/2 (x 4)                                        -3.00
2  Snack Pack Pudding (1.00 x 2)                       2.00
8  Ravioli (1.00 x8)                                             8.00
      .50/2 (double) MQ (x 4)                  -4.00
4  Manwich (1.00 x 4)                                         4.00
      Buy 3, Get 1 Free                            -1.00
4  Kraft Mac & Cheese 5 pack (3.49 x 4)         13.96
      1.00 MQ (x 4)                                 -4.00
3  Pillsbury Grand Biscuits (1.29 x3)                 3.87
      . 30 e-coupon                                   - .30
      .40/3 (double) MQ                           - .80
Frito's corn chips (1.99 x 2)                            3.98

     Breyers should have been "red" which means they are part of the Mega Deal  

                                    Merchandise Total:  151.21
                                            Coupon Total:   -47.64
         Less $3 Instant Catalina (x 7) Total:   -21.00
      Less $3 Previous Catalina (x 7) Total:   -21.00
                                      59% total savings
                                              Saved Total:    89.64

                                  Out of Pocket Total:    61.57
                                       Number of Items:        95

approx. .65 per item

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Few days off!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have took a few days off from blogging. We are planning a move and the "new to us" home is in need of some repairs so we are spending alot of time over there. I haven't found many great finds this week anyway so this might be the week to pull out your coupons and ads and see if you can find any "hidden" finds. Enjoy your week!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Long John Silvers coupons

Long John Silver's

Go check out the new Long John Silvers website and print some
coupons while there.


All day long cellfire happy hour

Go to cellfire  and log in for a free ?money? off added to your Kroger card
Mine was a $2.00 off yippee!! This happy hour is lasting til 6:00PM.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kroger Deal

8 Totino's pizzas $1.25 each= $10.00
4 Totino pizza rolls$1.25 each=$5.00
2 Poptarts $2.69 each             = $5.38
16 Chef BoyRDee $1.00each =$16.00
2 Ragu' pasta sauce $1.74 each=$3.48
4 Hunts Pudding $1.00 each    =$4.00
4 Kraft Mac&cheese $3.49 each  = $13.96
2 Fruit Gushers   $1.99 each       = $3.98

4 $.75/2 Totino pizza coupon=  -$3.00
1 $.60/3  Totino pizza ecoupon= -$.60
2 $.50/2  Totino pizza rolls coupons= -$2.00 (kroger doubles up to .50 Q's)
1 $.40/2 pizza roll ecoupon             = -$.40
2 $.50/1 Poptart coupon (doubles)  = - $2.00
4 Buy 4 Get 1 chefboyrdee $1.00    =  -$4.00
1 $1.00/2 Ragu' coupons                 = -$1.00
1 $1.00/2 Ragu' ecoupon                =  -$1.00
1 $.50/2 Fruit Gusher (doubles)    =  -$1.00
1 $.50/2 Fruit Gusher    ecoupon   = -$.50
4 Buy 4 chef boyrdee get 1 4pack pudding= -$4.00
4 $1.00/1 5pk Kraft Mac&Cheese               = -$4.00
4 $3.00 off when buy 10 participating items = -$12.00
3 $3.00 catatlinas I had from previous purchase = -$9.00


$63.80 - $44.50= $20.30 and got $12.00 in catatlinas off next purchase!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

$1.00 off 5 pk of Kraft mac and cheese

CLICKHERE  for $1.00 off coupon on 5pk Kraft mac and cheese. Coupon was on page 2 for me. These are part of the Daytona 500 sale at Kroger this week which after all discounts makes them under $2.00 for the pack.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

$.55 Q on Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies

Go "like"Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies for a $.55 Q on any one package of cookies.

Rite Aid deals week 2/13-2/19

Before I start I need to say that I'm not good at knowing the dates of the
coupons that I use... I keep all my coupons in a binder and never had a
need to know. I plan to start trying to keep a little better track of this for future
post. With that being is some of my findings this week.
Colgate sensitive $3.50
-$3.50 +up reward
-$.50 Q from 2/13
= $.50 money maker
Gain dish detergent $.87
-$1.00 from the P&G rebate book
= $.13 money maker
or use
-$.25 Q from today's paper
= $.62
Compleats Dinners $2.22
-$.50 video value  here
-$.55 Q from today's paper
- $1.00 +up reward
= $.17 each
Jif peanut butter $2.22
-$1.00 +up reward
= $1.22
Hungry Jack Syrp $2.22
-$1.00 +up reward
Campbells noodles soup 2/$1.00
here is the deal I did
buy 10 for $5.00
-3 $.50/3 (that I had printed online still looking where)=$1.50
=$3.50 for 10 cans
Ziploc baggies 2/$5.00
-$1/2 Q 2/13 smart source
-$2.00 +up reward when you buy 2
= 2 for $2.00 or $1.00 each
Bengay  $5.99
-$3.00 in ad coupon
-$2.00 Q (from a while back)
= $1.00
Ragu' Pasta Sauce 2/$3.00
-$1.00/2 Q
-$1.00 +up reward when you buy 2
=$1.00 for 2 jars or $.50 each
GE reveal or compact flouroscent light bulbs $2.99
-$2.00 +up reward
-$1.00 man. Q
-$.50 video value here
= $.51 money maker  LIMIT 4
Gas X  $4.99
-$4.00 man. Q
-$1.00 +up reward
=$.01 money maker
Bandaids  $2.99
Neosporin $6.99
Spend $15 get $5.00 +up reward
here was my deal
buy 3 Bandaids @ $2.99= $8.70
buy 1 Neosporin@ $6.99= $6.99
    $8.70+$6.99= $15.69
-$5.00 + for buying $15-$1.50 man. Q if you buy neopsporin and bandaid together
-$1.50 video value if you buy them together
-$.50 Q on the other two bandaid -$1.00
= $6.69 for 3 boxes bandaids + 1 tube neosporin

Kroger $.28 Banquet Dinners

My favorite find for the day is at Kroger!! Banquet dinners are part of the mega sale this week making them $.58 if you buy 10 participating items...then you also get a $3.00 catalina at the register to use on your next order. After all is said and done these dinners will be $.28 each!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Go "like" snuggle for a $1.00 off coupon.


If you like Arm&Harmmer products follow the link to score some really great savings!

Cellfire $ off coupon

Cellfire is having happy hour until 5:00pm EST. Go add your $ off coupon to your card. If you haven't signed up yet do so now. If you miss this deal go sign up to make sure you can take advantage of their savings!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cheap Gain Fabric Softener


$3/1 coupon found in redplum (mine came in mail) can be used on the 80 ct.
sheets at Walmart for very cheap even free in some regions.
Dollar Store has the 40 load ultra liquid for $3.75 making it $.75 after Q.

My area Kroger!

I just wanted to make a quick note to my readers that I am in the Mid
Atlantic region Kroger sale cycle. This could be an extra nice thing for
you that are not. Mid Atlantic is the first to get the sale so you may have
some extra time to plan your shopping trip.

Link to Kroger so you can check what region you are in!

Cheap Xtra Laundry Detergent

There are blinkies at Dollar General Store for $1.00 off Xtra Laundry detergent.
Xtra on sale this week at Kroger for $1.98 so use these coupons at Kroger to
score some $.98 laundry detergent!

Free Redbox Rental on Valentine's Day

Use code BEMINE on Valentine's Day for a
free rental at redbox!

Types of Coupons

Manufacture clipped paper coupons- these can be found in newspapers, magazines, in mailing inserts.

Tearpad coupons- these can be found throughout stores.

Blinkies- these are the coupons in stores that you pull out of the little blinkie machine throughout stores, they
have a little red blinking light..

Catalina coupons- these are the coupons that print from the register and the cashier gives you after you
have finished paying... these can be cents off or $ off your next order.

Peelie- these are the coupons found on items and you peel them off.

There are also coupons found inside packages either printed on the box or even paper found loose inside the package.

All the above coupons are MANUFACTURE coupons!
They can only be used 1 per items. (ex. If you buy one item you can only use one manufacture coupon or 2 items you can use 2 manufacture coupons)

Store coupons- these coupons can be found in many different places in the stores circular, throughout the stores, mailed directly to you, printed from their internet website.

Store coupons can sometimes be "stacked" with manufacture coupons which means you can use 1 manufacture coupon along with a store coupon on 1 item.
Reason for this is the store is offering one discount with the store coupon and they will also get the money from the manufacture from the manufacture coupon.
Individual stores have their own policies on how they accept coupons. (ex. some may only let you use a certain number of like coupons) Store Policy Post has links to individual store policy for you.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Like" Clorox for FREE wipes

"Like" on Facebook for $1.00 of coupon

Click on the Products & Offers tab, scroll down and you should see the coupon at the bottom.
This coupon states on any size so use on trial size at most stores for Free wipes.