Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What to do with all the stock pile!

I know there are some new couponers in my area and I thought I would share some thoughts on what to do with all of this STUFF.  We could eat from our pantry for weeks so we try to make sure to keep meat in the freezer and if there are no good sales we don't buy anything for that week. Always use your stuff from your stockpile instead of using the stuff from your most recent shopping trip. The better you can see your stock the more you will use it. If your memory is like mine you will have a hard time remembering everything you have. Try not to stuff things in places that you can't visual see very well. Sort through your stock pile often for expiration dates and donate things that you know you won't use before they expire. There are churches that would love to have your extra stock pile! The Salvation Army is another option to donate to, they help many families in need!! Never buy more of an item than you will use within one year unless you will definately be donating! All sales are either 3 months, 6 months or once a year and within one year you will learn the cycle so there is no need to have more than one years worth. Get creative with your meals and see what you can make only using your pantry sometimes. Some couponers like to do 30 day challenges sometimes where they only buy perishable items and use the pantry for everything else (remember meat can be froze so you should already have that too).  During those challenges I would still get my free items for the week just not spend any money.Stockpiles also make for excellent gift baskets for many occasions especially Christmas! Why pay top dollar for those gift baskets at Christmas when you can go pick out things from your stockpile and make your own and make it even bigger too. Samples also go nicely in gift baskets. Sometimes you can give your neighbor a gift basket for no reason. People will be more likely to save coupons for you if you reward them sometimes. Teachers, bus drivers and coaches are good people to share items with from your children to show appreciation for their services. During November and December is when you will really stock up on baking items and you can bake up goodies with your children to take to local police departments and fire stations to let them know how much they are appreciated for their services.Learning to coupon is a Blessing that God gave me and sharing the Blessing is important. There are many more ideas that you will learn as time goes by to use up your stock pile, those are some of my ways and I hope you might find some useful.

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