Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kroger "Daytona 500 Mega Deal" Trip

2  Breyers Ice Cream (half gallon)                           2.99
      $1/2                                                    -1.00
2  Kroger Popsicle (10/$10)                                     2.00
1  Kroger French Fries                                             1.97
2  Banquet Frozen Chicken (3.99 x2)                      7.98
      $.50 (double) MQ (x2)                      -1.00
1  Kroger Orange Juice                                            3.89
2  Hot Pockets (1.99 x 2)                                         3.98
      $.75/2 MQ                                         -.75
4  Banquet Frozen Pies (.79 x 4)                             3.16
      .40/2 (double) MQ (x2)                     -1.60
      but three Banquet pies get one free   - .79
1  Gilette Fusion Pro-Glide Razor                          9.89
      4.00 e-coupon                                   -4.00
      4.00 MQ                                           -4.00
3  Gilette Body Wash (closeout 2.50 x 3)              7.50
      2.00 e-coupon                                   -2.00
      2.00 MQ (x 3)                                   -6.00
1 Tide Stain Release                                              5.99
     3.00 e-coupon                                    -3.00
     3.00 MQ                                            -3.00
2  Package fresh hamburger (2.71 & 2.73)           5.74
1  Wesson Vegetable Oil                                      2.99
1  Kroger Hamburger Buns                                    .88
1  Hot Dog Buns                                                   1.00
2  Oscar Meyer Bologna (10/$10)                        2.00
4  Little Debbie Snacks  (10/$10)                         4.00
2  Kellog's Pop Tarts (2.69 x 2)                            5.38
      $1/2 MQ                                           -1.00
1  Kool Aid Drink miix                                        1.99
1  Kroger Bread (manager's special)                      .49
14 Totino's Pizza Roll's (1.25 x 14)                    17.50
       .40/2 e-coupon (x 2)                        - .80
       .40/2 double MQ (x7)                     -5.60
16 Banquet Microwave meals                            14.08
8  Totino's Frozen Pizza  (1.25 x 8)                   10.00
      .75/2 (x 4)                                        -3.00
2  Snack Pack Pudding (1.00 x 2)                       2.00
8  Ravioli (1.00 x8)                                             8.00
      .50/2 (double) MQ (x 4)                  -4.00
4  Manwich (1.00 x 4)                                         4.00
      Buy 3, Get 1 Free                            -1.00
4  Kraft Mac & Cheese 5 pack (3.49 x 4)         13.96
      1.00 MQ (x 4)                                 -4.00
3  Pillsbury Grand Biscuits (1.29 x3)                 3.87
      . 30 e-coupon                                   - .30
      .40/3 (double) MQ                           - .80
Frito's corn chips (1.99 x 2)                            3.98

     Breyers should have been "red" which means they are part of the Mega Deal  

                                    Merchandise Total:  151.21
                                            Coupon Total:   -47.64
         Less $3 Instant Catalina (x 7) Total:   -21.00
      Less $3 Previous Catalina (x 7) Total:   -21.00
                                      59% total savings
                                              Saved Total:    89.64

                                  Out of Pocket Total:    61.57
                                       Number of Items:        95

approx. .65 per item

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Few days off!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have took a few days off from blogging. We are planning a move and the "new to us" home is in need of some repairs so we are spending alot of time over there. I haven't found many great finds this week anyway so this might be the week to pull out your coupons and ads and see if you can find any "hidden" finds. Enjoy your week!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Long John Silvers coupons

Long John Silver's

Go check out the new Long John Silvers website and print some
coupons while there.


All day long cellfire happy hour

Go to cellfire  and log in for a free ?money? off added to your Kroger card
Mine was a $2.00 off yippee!! This happy hour is lasting til 6:00PM.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kroger Deal

8 Totino's pizzas $1.25 each= $10.00
4 Totino pizza rolls$1.25 each=$5.00
2 Poptarts $2.69 each             = $5.38
16 Chef BoyRDee $1.00each =$16.00
2 Ragu' pasta sauce $1.74 each=$3.48
4 Hunts Pudding $1.00 each    =$4.00
4 Kraft Mac&cheese $3.49 each  = $13.96
2 Fruit Gushers   $1.99 each       = $3.98

4 $.75/2 Totino pizza coupon=  -$3.00
1 $.60/3  Totino pizza ecoupon= -$.60
2 $.50/2  Totino pizza rolls coupons= -$2.00 (kroger doubles up to .50 Q's)
1 $.40/2 pizza roll ecoupon             = -$.40
2 $.50/1 Poptart coupon (doubles)  = - $2.00
4 Buy 4 Get 1 chefboyrdee $1.00    =  -$4.00
1 $1.00/2 Ragu' coupons                 = -$1.00
1 $1.00/2 Ragu' ecoupon                =  -$1.00
1 $.50/2 Fruit Gusher (doubles)    =  -$1.00
1 $.50/2 Fruit Gusher    ecoupon   = -$.50
4 Buy 4 chef boyrdee get 1 4pack pudding= -$4.00
4 $1.00/1 5pk Kraft Mac&Cheese               = -$4.00
4 $3.00 off when buy 10 participating items = -$12.00
3 $3.00 catatlinas I had from previous purchase = -$9.00


$63.80 - $44.50= $20.30 and got $12.00 in catatlinas off next purchase!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

$1.00 off 5 pk of Kraft mac and cheese

CLICKHERE  for $1.00 off coupon on 5pk Kraft mac and cheese. Coupon was on page 2 for me. These are part of the Daytona 500 sale at Kroger this week which after all discounts makes them under $2.00 for the pack.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

$.55 Q on Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies

Go "like"Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies for a $.55 Q on any one package of cookies.

Rite Aid deals week 2/13-2/19

Before I start I need to say that I'm not good at knowing the dates of the
coupons that I use... I keep all my coupons in a binder and never had a
need to know. I plan to start trying to keep a little better track of this for future
post. With that being is some of my findings this week.
Colgate sensitive $3.50
-$3.50 +up reward
-$.50 Q from 2/13
= $.50 money maker
Gain dish detergent $.87
-$1.00 from the P&G rebate book
= $.13 money maker
or use
-$.25 Q from today's paper
= $.62
Compleats Dinners $2.22
-$.50 video value  here
-$.55 Q from today's paper
- $1.00 +up reward
= $.17 each
Jif peanut butter $2.22
-$1.00 +up reward
= $1.22
Hungry Jack Syrp $2.22
-$1.00 +up reward
Campbells noodles soup 2/$1.00
here is the deal I did
buy 10 for $5.00
-3 $.50/3 (that I had printed online still looking where)=$1.50
=$3.50 for 10 cans
Ziploc baggies 2/$5.00
-$1/2 Q 2/13 smart source
-$2.00 +up reward when you buy 2
= 2 for $2.00 or $1.00 each
Bengay  $5.99
-$3.00 in ad coupon
-$2.00 Q (from a while back)
= $1.00
Ragu' Pasta Sauce 2/$3.00
-$1.00/2 Q
-$1.00 +up reward when you buy 2
=$1.00 for 2 jars or $.50 each
GE reveal or compact flouroscent light bulbs $2.99
-$2.00 +up reward
-$1.00 man. Q
-$.50 video value here
= $.51 money maker  LIMIT 4
Gas X  $4.99
-$4.00 man. Q
-$1.00 +up reward
=$.01 money maker
Bandaids  $2.99
Neosporin $6.99
Spend $15 get $5.00 +up reward
here was my deal
buy 3 Bandaids @ $2.99= $8.70
buy 1 Neosporin@ $6.99= $6.99
    $8.70+$6.99= $15.69
-$5.00 + for buying $15-$1.50 man. Q if you buy neopsporin and bandaid together
-$1.50 video value if you buy them together
-$.50 Q on the other two bandaid -$1.00
= $6.69 for 3 boxes bandaids + 1 tube neosporin

Kroger $.28 Banquet Dinners

My favorite find for the day is at Kroger!! Banquet dinners are part of the mega sale this week making them $.58 if you buy 10 participating items...then you also get a $3.00 catalina at the register to use on your next order. After all is said and done these dinners will be $.28 each!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Go "like" snuggle for a $1.00 off coupon.


If you like Arm&Harmmer products follow the link to score some really great savings!

Cellfire $ off coupon

Cellfire is having happy hour until 5:00pm EST. Go add your $ off coupon to your card. If you haven't signed up yet do so now. If you miss this deal go sign up to make sure you can take advantage of their savings!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cheap Gain Fabric Softener


$3/1 coupon found in redplum (mine came in mail) can be used on the 80 ct.
sheets at Walmart for very cheap even free in some regions.
Dollar Store has the 40 load ultra liquid for $3.75 making it $.75 after Q.

My area Kroger!

I just wanted to make a quick note to my readers that I am in the Mid
Atlantic region Kroger sale cycle. This could be an extra nice thing for
you that are not. Mid Atlantic is the first to get the sale so you may have
some extra time to plan your shopping trip.

Link to Kroger so you can check what region you are in!

Cheap Xtra Laundry Detergent

There are blinkies at Dollar General Store for $1.00 off Xtra Laundry detergent.
Xtra on sale this week at Kroger for $1.98 so use these coupons at Kroger to
score some $.98 laundry detergent!

Free Redbox Rental on Valentine's Day

Use code BEMINE on Valentine's Day for a
free rental at redbox!

Types of Coupons

Manufacture clipped paper coupons- these can be found in newspapers, magazines, in mailing inserts.

Tearpad coupons- these can be found throughout stores.

Blinkies- these are the coupons in stores that you pull out of the little blinkie machine throughout stores, they
have a little red blinking light..

Catalina coupons- these are the coupons that print from the register and the cashier gives you after you
have finished paying... these can be cents off or $ off your next order.

Peelie- these are the coupons found on items and you peel them off.

There are also coupons found inside packages either printed on the box or even paper found loose inside the package.

All the above coupons are MANUFACTURE coupons!
They can only be used 1 per items. (ex. If you buy one item you can only use one manufacture coupon or 2 items you can use 2 manufacture coupons)

Store coupons- these coupons can be found in many different places in the stores circular, throughout the stores, mailed directly to you, printed from their internet website.

Store coupons can sometimes be "stacked" with manufacture coupons which means you can use 1 manufacture coupon along with a store coupon on 1 item.
Reason for this is the store is offering one discount with the store coupon and they will also get the money from the manufacture from the manufacture coupon.
Individual stores have their own policies on how they accept coupons. (ex. some may only let you use a certain number of like coupons) Store Policy Post has links to individual store policy for you.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Like" Clorox for FREE wipes

"Like" on Facebook for $1.00 of coupon

Click on the Products & Offers tab, scroll down and you should see the coupon at the bottom.
This coupon states on any size so use on trial size at most stores for Free wipes.

$.50 Coupon on Hamburger Helper (LINK IS NOW WORKING)

Hamburger Helper

$.50 off ONE Hamburger Helper
Coupon is at top right hand of page.
This should make for some VERY cheap or even
free boxes. I know Kroger often have these 10/$10

Free Redbox Code

"Like" Redbox  and go to Valentine tab to send free promo codes
in Valentines to your friends!

CVS Free Nivea lip balm

$2.99 each X4= $11.96
Use (2) B1G1 Q's = $5.98
Receive a $5.00 ECB= $.98

It is reported that the CVS machine is
printing a $3 off $10 purchase on cosmetic purchases
making this a $2 money maker!

Printable for a FREE taco at Taco Bell

Free Crunchy Taco

This won't last long!!

$.99 Zantac

Zantac is on sale this week at CVS $8.99 + $3 ECB
Use $5/1 coupon
Pay $.99 after $3 ECB

Philadelphia Cooking Creme

If you have been wanting to try the new
Philadelphia Cooking Creme use the
$1.50/1 Philadelphia Cooking Creme
at Walmart $2.48
Pay $.98 after coupon

Monday, February 7, 2011

20% pass at CVS

CVS Facebook
Go like CVS on Facebook. When they reach 250,000
they are gonna offer a 20% pass for Feb. 14if it gets to 350,000 the pass will be 25%

Ragu' deal @ Food Lion

Great deal on Ragu' pasta sauce today and tomorrow only!

3/$5  buy $35 worth and get $10 off instantly = $25
If you have any of the $1.25/3 Q's from a couple of
weeks ago you can use 7= $8.75

$16.25 for 21 jars of Ragu' Pasta sauce  $.77 a jar!!

Free Redbox movie today only

FREE Redbox Rental Code

Today ONLY use code for a free movie!

You can only use this with each card one time!
Enjoy your movie night!

P&G $110 coupon booklet

P&G Facebook

Go request your $110 coupon booklet from P&G
Click on special offer and register if you haven't already
or sign in if you are register. If you get a error message
keep trying took me a couple times to get through!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Store policies!

I want to start today's post by saying...ALWAYS KNOW YOUR STORES POLICY!
Cashier turnover rates are high so your chances of having a cashier that doesn't know
policy is also high. I personally have "favorite" cashiers! I will scan the checkout lines
and look for a cashier that I think I will have the least amount of conflict from. For some
reason younger men are easier to work with coupons. If you follow the links that I am
including at the bottom of this post you will be able to print you a copy of policies of some
of the stores that I shop at. Read over them carefully so you know how you can use coupons
with sales at a particular store. Just an example: at Rite Aid you can use a B1G1 coupon
along with a B1G1 sale and you get that item for free (you only pay tax) but not all stores
share in that policy. Don't be afraid to (nicely) correct your cashier if you know you are
correctly using a coupon when they tell you can't do something! I keep a copy of all my
store policies in my binder so I always have it with me if I need to show it at the store
for some reason. Always feel free to ask me any questions you may have either email
me or leave a comment....if I don't know the answer I promise to try and find the answer.
I am listing the links to the store policies by their names below!

Rite Aid

Food Lion

Aldi's does NOT accept coupons!

I do not have a written policy for Save-A-Lot
   they accept coupons that are NOT expired
   they do NOT double
   they also have store coupons on their website

Dollar Tree does NOT accept coupons!

Family Dollar
they also have coupons at their website

Dollar General


I do not have a printed copy for Kroger
my Kroger will double everyday up to $.50
they also accept a store Q with a manny Q

Hope you find this info useful!  :)