Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Types of Coupons

Manufacture clipped paper coupons- these can be found in newspapers, magazines, in mailing inserts.

Tearpad coupons- these can be found throughout stores.

Blinkies- these are the coupons in stores that you pull out of the little blinkie machine throughout stores, they
have a little red blinking light..

Catalina coupons- these are the coupons that print from the register and the cashier gives you after you
have finished paying... these can be cents off or $ off your next order.

Peelie- these are the coupons found on items and you peel them off.

There are also coupons found inside packages either printed on the box or even paper found loose inside the package.

All the above coupons are MANUFACTURE coupons!
They can only be used 1 per items. (ex. If you buy one item you can only use one manufacture coupon or 2 items you can use 2 manufacture coupons)

Store coupons- these coupons can be found in many different places in the stores circular, throughout the stores, mailed directly to you, printed from their internet website.

Store coupons can sometimes be "stacked" with manufacture coupons which means you can use 1 manufacture coupon along with a store coupon on 1 item.
Reason for this is the store is offering one discount with the store coupon and they will also get the money from the manufacture from the manufacture coupon.
Individual stores have their own policies on how they accept coupons. (ex. some may only let you use a certain number of like coupons) Store Policy Post has links to individual store policy for you.

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