Friday, February 4, 2011

Store policies!

I want to start today's post by saying...ALWAYS KNOW YOUR STORES POLICY!
Cashier turnover rates are high so your chances of having a cashier that doesn't know
policy is also high. I personally have "favorite" cashiers! I will scan the checkout lines
and look for a cashier that I think I will have the least amount of conflict from. For some
reason younger men are easier to work with coupons. If you follow the links that I am
including at the bottom of this post you will be able to print you a copy of policies of some
of the stores that I shop at. Read over them carefully so you know how you can use coupons
with sales at a particular store. Just an example: at Rite Aid you can use a B1G1 coupon
along with a B1G1 sale and you get that item for free (you only pay tax) but not all stores
share in that policy. Don't be afraid to (nicely) correct your cashier if you know you are
correctly using a coupon when they tell you can't do something! I keep a copy of all my
store policies in my binder so I always have it with me if I need to show it at the store
for some reason. Always feel free to ask me any questions you may have either email
me or leave a comment....if I don't know the answer I promise to try and find the answer.
I am listing the links to the store policies by their names below!

Rite Aid

Food Lion

Aldi's does NOT accept coupons!

I do not have a written policy for Save-A-Lot
   they accept coupons that are NOT expired
   they do NOT double
   they also have store coupons on their website

Dollar Tree does NOT accept coupons!

Family Dollar
they also have coupons at their website

Dollar General


I do not have a printed copy for Kroger
my Kroger will double everyday up to $.50
they also accept a store Q with a manny Q

Hope you find this info useful!  :)

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