Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Quick Kroger Trip (saved $126)

We normally don't go to Kroger on Sunday, but we had to go to town and thought we would make a quick trip while we were there. No preplanning before this trip and still ended up with a cart full! LOL

Total was $172.49
paid  $46.36   (and $10 of that was pepsi that we shouldn't need anyway LOL)

One tip for this week: there are some Kraft BBQ sauce that is part of the mega sale that has peelies on them for $2 off containers of KoolAid if you buy 2 BBQ and the KoolAid is on sale this week for $2 so it is a GREAT freebie!!! (The Danville store is out of the ones with peelies...I didn't clear the shelf but I did share the deal with others in the store so they went QUICK) hope you find some at your store!

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