Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Free 2 week trial of The Factor Tree

As you know I am a Buzzagent and I am participating in a campaign trying out a Math Program with "the factor tree". I started the campaign today and we were having major issues with it at first. My daughter clicked on the help button and was able to Live Chat with customer support. The problem she was having was when she answered a question on the worksheet and clicked on submit, it wouldn't move forward to the next question. The person from customer support was very polite and appropriate with her ( I was watching over her shoulder) and they discovered that the problem was her browser was internet explorer 9.  She told them she had a laptop with IE8 and she could use that and they told her "great and to let her parents know that they were giving us an extra 2 weeks in our trial period". How great was that!! They told her she found a bug in the system and that they were very sorry of the trouble and they will email her parents when the problem has been resolved.  After she started using the laptop it worked great and so far seems to be a great program that I may consider purchasing after the trial period is over!  If you are a homeschool parent who may be considering next years curriculum or even a parent of a child who attends school I strongly recommend that you try this program. I have a promotion code that you can use for a free 2 week trial, don't worry I am supposed to share the code with all my friends!

BZF is the promotion code that you use for your free trial!

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