Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some Coupon Etiquette!

Due to the all the hype with the new "Extreme Couponers" show that aired last night, I wanted to share some Coupon Etiquette that I have learned through the years of couponing. Other than the # 1 rule the rest can be in any order, but I will list them in numbers.

#1 most important rule is:  DO NOT CLEAR THE SHELVES!! Other couponers and customers are also wanting to take advantage of the sales! Respect your fellow couponers so they will in return respect you!

#2 Be ready when you reach the cashier. Have your coupons in hand and not digging around for them! It not only helps the cashier and other customers in line but it also helps you by having the opportunity to watch the items as they ring up so there isn't a mistake!

#3 Be respectful to your cashier! If they tell you that you can't use a coupon it is ok to ask why but PLEASE do it nicely! Try to keep a store policy with you so you can give them a chance to read it for themself so they can correct their mistake and don't have the "I told you so attitude" they are for the most part only trying to do their job right so try to respect them for that! Remember the old saying "you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar"

#4 Be respectful and friendly to other couponers in the store with you! Remember this is not a competition or a hobby, it is a way of survival for many of us in this declining economy. Also be an encourager to new couponers and help lead the way, remember we were all new at this at some point!

#5 Stay up to date on your store policies!! It helps you not make a mistake if a policy changes but also helps you if the store tries to tell you it is against their policy when you know its not! This has helped me before!!!!

#6 Be respectful of other customers in the store. One example if you think your transaction will take a few extra minutes because of your coupons then kindly let the person behind you know so they have the option to go to another check out line. Some people don't use coupons because they don't won't to take the time to do it so most of those same people don't want to take the time to stand behind you while "you" use them.

#7 DON'T take ALL the tearpads you find in a store. Remember the rule of respecting fellow couponers!

#8 DON'T  take all the 'peelies' off all the packages if you don't plan on buying that product at that time. I myself have taken a peelie or two but taking more than that is really bad etiquette!

#9 Always use your coupons as it states! Using a coupon in any other way than it states is a fraud and it does come back to you. It not only hurts your future coupon use but also your fellow couponers by causing the stores to have stricter coupon policies and manufacturers will not send out the best coupons!

#10 Don't let couponing overtake your life and take the most precious thing away from your family which is "YOUR TIME"  with them!   

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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